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Perhaps “Hello World!” is a good title?

In Last Day at Home in Michigan on June 29, 2010 at 11:43 PM

I leave tomorrow morning, July 1 for Wurzburg, Germany for a 1 month study abroad program through Hillsdale College. This will be followed by a month of traveling around various different countries in Europe including Italy, Switzerland, and Greece and then 4 months in Tours, France finishing up my French major. I wanted to keep a blog recording what is happening during my time in Europe for a few reasons. Primarily, I think it is very healthy to write consistently and get ideas out of one’s head. But even more than that, this is my first time leaving the US, and I am going to be gone for almost six months. Is it a little intimidating and nerve racking, you ask? Why yes, it is! But I know that my fears and nerves are due to excitement more than anything. To be honest, going to Europe has been something I have dreamed of my whole life. I know I am not the first to have such a dream which is why I am so grateful that I have this opportunity. It is absolutely surreal though, really a sort of ominous feeling. I have no idea what is going to happen over there. I know I am making more out of it than I need to, and everyone always says, “Once you are over there you will be fine.” Not surprisingly, this is generally what happens. I think somehow my experience is going to be different than everyone else and then come to realize it is exactly the same, but with different details. Good thing I like details then. I look forward to keeping up with this blog throughout my stay in Europe. I think it will be a good keepsake of all that I experience while I am there. Hope you all enjoy. I will do my best to keep updates regular and interesting with pictures and other various sorts of media. Ciao for now!