The Peach

In Uncategorized on July 22, 2011 at 5:43 AM

My dear friends, I am inspired this evening to write for many reasons. First, the practical. I need to get my laundry in the dryer once it finishes washing and must do so before I go to bed so this will help me kill time. Second, I have been inspired to write a few times in the past few months and haven’t and regretted it and wished that I had, simply to have the writing that indicated what I was going through at the time. Third, I have been inspired by much and feel the need to share.

I was debating whether or not I should post this on my blog, start another blog, or just write it as a note on Facebook. I decided that starting a new one is a commitment I am not ready for, not that I am a commitment-phobe, I simply like to be thorough and sincere when I make one. No one actually uses Facebook notes anymore, and no one wants to read all of this in an email. So here we are writing and posting it as a Longtimetraveller.

My inspiration this evening has been provided by a peach. Yes, you read correctly, a peach. Allow me to explain. I got home from work this evening and noticed that there were four peaches in the bowl on the kitchen table. This was unusual for many reasons. First of all, my mother generally refrigerates all food, even fruit at all times. Second, if she were to buy any fruit and leave it out, it would be nectarines, not peaches. Generally I really don’t like peaches either, I prefer nectarines because they don’t have the fuzzy skin on the outside. As well I had just spent twenty dollars on produce at Plum Market and been severely disappointed and was turned off to the idea of fruit for at least a day or two.

However, as soon as I bit into this peach, I knew I had found something special. Something that might change my perception of peaches forever. Something perhaps only my sister Sarah could relate to. The fuzzy skin, which I normally detest, was firm and actually required a little effort to bite into. Like when you bite into a ripe cherry and there’s a little give that you have to bite through before the explosion of flavor encapsulates your palate. That was this peach. Normally I make noises when I eat something that is delicious. There were many noises occurring during the consummation of this peach. It was truly the best peach I have ever had, and quite possibly the best piece of fruit I have ever had as well. So here on July 22, 2011 note that Ben Newman is claiming to have had the best piece of fruit in his life: a peach. Perhaps more could be written on the subject, but considering I worked a very long day and must be up in the morning for another long day at work, I will simply thank you all for reading and bid you adieu!

  1. Ben, you are funny. It’s good to hear from you again. 🙂

  2. Also, I think you mean “consumption”…maybe not “consummation”. 😉

  3. I can’t believe that in all your 23 years this is the first good peach that you’ve ever had! I think I’m slightly heart broken…

  4. Oh Ben. This made me laugh out loud. Especially your noises upon tasting deliciousness. Makes me miss you and your company. 🙂

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